Poetry: “Down with Fur”

During cold or winter weather / Don’t wear Fur, wear Pseudo-leather / Certain folks wear skins of Bear / It’s obvious that they don’t care/ While cruel traps kill the Furry Beasts / Vain girls wear Fur to Churchly Feasts / Those who wear their Furry Boots / May Hair fall out from their roots / Many a beast drew its last Breath / So gals car wear these Coats of Death. / If you wear a Furry Coat / You best expect a nasty note / Ladies who would wear a Sable / Are not welcome at my table / Guys that buy their gals an ermine / Are to me like toxic vermin/ Fur is fashion of the vain / Oblivious to an animal’s pain/ Come on all you silly girls / Wear something else with your rings and pearls / How much pity is there felt for critters slain to make a pelt? // In icy winter season / When snow is cold and wind is breezin’ / Don’t wear Fur, there is no reason / Some would say as bad as treason.// With furry shawl/ Worn to a ball / Animal lovers you will gall. /// At times of Yule / Some folks are fooled / That wearing Fur makes you look cool / All should know, no matter what that [wearing] Fur is nothing more than cruel / / For gloves or clothes with furry trim / They still tear creatures limn from limn / With cruelty taint / A mournful plaint / I hope your furs meet with Red Paint! // In these days of cold and snow / Let the minks, chinchillas go // Shocking minks to make a stole / Clubbing seals near the North Pole /Some furry beasts are even drowned / I hope the Fur Biz burns to the ground! [or moves way out of town] [or is Lost and Never Found]

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