Experimental Fiction: “A Night at the Mansion”

Note: This is an attempt to parody hard to read fiction such as the kind , for instance, James Joyce often wrote. I wrote it in 2016, and I doubt if I can duplicate it now or ever again:

Movies, Reading, Exercise , Short Vacations , Unique and Memorable Experiences , Spending time with Pets instead of Smoking , Drinking , Self-Medicating or Religion/ Church, a Promiscuous Lifetime of One Night Stands , or Internet Addiction , even late-night exclusive parties of bacchanal debauchery at the Playboy Mansion on a sultry summer’s eve on the 4th of July at midnight after most of us ‘Common Folk’ merely watch the same boring , lame fireworks they have watched for the last 20 years, if not a hell of a lot longer.

To continue this impressively well-written and thought out narrative, imagine if you will a torrid night at the Playboy Mansion with women hotter than the best varsity high school athlete(s) has ever imagined, without blushing. Concurrently , imagine celebrities like Marlon Brando , Sean Connery (the real James Bond) , George Clooney , Leo DiCaprio ; Andy Warhol accompanied by the gorgeous but tragically ill-fated Sharon Tate. Even women exponentially hotter and unintentionally sexier than even the likes of Hugh Hefner would fear to approach or D.H. Lawrence or gasp, even Nabokov at his most raunchy could ever conceive of even at their most inspired in a Mezcal cocktail of Absinthe fever dream or even lotus flower Dreamquest in a straw hut secretly subsidized by the Rat Pack or even borrowed from the Algonquin Round Table playing strip poker after losing a risky bet by Dorothy Parker feeling a rare moment of writer’s block during a blind date or brainstorm session with Ernest Shackleton long before he and his merry men perished in the Antarctic blanco tundra.

Not only that , in a seemingly impossible reverie , the entire “27 Club” from Janis Joplin to Jim Morrison to even Brian Jones , and of course especially Jimi Hendrix on a sizzling axe with Kurt Cobain off the smack and beating the bongos while Amy Winehouse sings harmony… When you think I will wake up from this Dream everyone previously mentioned disappears and a young Deborah Harry, otherwise known as Blondie, wearing clothing far more revealing than Hugh Hefner or a younger Warren Beatty could ever conceive of starts the crowd into a trance-like flow of undulating gyrations as she performs “Heart of Glass” live for the first time. –THE END (Hard to believe Ms. Harry is now over 70)

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