20 Minute Fiction: “The Tipping Point”

Note: I recently joined a writing group and part of the session was to free write to a prompt of “That was the…” for 20 minutes. I may or may not revise or expand what I wrote. The following is the result:

That was the… tipping point, when Global Warming and Climate Change were no longer reversible. Beneficial pollinators could not abide the sweltering heat, so much so that the food supply collapsed.

The only insects that flourished were pests: Disease-carriers , plant-destroying or biting and stinging otherwise useless foes of mankind. With mostly pests remaining , the populations of birds and bats likewise collapsed.

The extreme heat also wreaked havoc with aquatic life. From top to bottom of the food chain ecosystems succumbed.

Likewise, humanity was in deep trouble. Starvation became rampant and people all over the world would fight to the death over a sprig of vegetable or a piece of fruit. Refugees would march in search of a new home , and would often riot. Chaos led to anger. Anger led to war. War led to death.

Many bodies of water evaporated to close to nothing.

Thousands of species became extinct. Time will only tell if that is mankind’s Fate.

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