Poetry: “Dirge for Inveterate Smokers, Drinkers & Drug Abusers” (from September 1 ,2008) [Note: I don’t smoke, drink or do illicit drugs]

She wheezed from her cigarette

Her lungs they paid a heavy debt.

He smoked and smoked and smoked some more

‘Til they closed the coffin door.

She chugged hard liquor in a glass

Ere too long she was on her ass.

We toked a joint ten times a day;

Before too long we lost our way.

He freebased cocaine only once;

He soon thereafter lost his lunch.

Francoise liked to drink his wine,

They found him dead along the Rhine.

Apres drinking Chablis she tried to ski;

She hit a tree & broke her leg above the knee.

Zac Alack got hooked on crack

He hid his ‘rocks’ inside a sack;

When gendarmes came, alas

They found his stash, his cash, his hash

His world had crashed, his life was trashed,

He killed himself by huffing gas… (tbc?)

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