Poetry: “Stop-Loss Soldier” (from November 2007) [Note: I have never been in the military, but several of my kin have]

Note: Due to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan our military forces are spread so thin that many soldiers whose term of service are supposed to be up instead find themselves coerced to stay in uniform as cannon fodder or reluctant combat soldiers. These unfortunate individuals are referred to in military parlance as “stop-loss soldiers.” This is the unfortunate result of an all volunteer military.

I’m sure the recruiters emphasize the good points of enlisting, but glance over or omit the drawbacks, like potential death, dismemberment, permanent disability or stop-loss conscription.

Perhaps these stop-loss soldiers could all go home if all the so-called armchair patriots, especially those who have supported the war all along, have supported George W. Bush, or who drive military-style SUVs would only themselves enlist or encourage their overprivileged offspring to do likewise. [from November 2007]

“Stop-Loss Soldier”

Stop-Loss Soldier, back in Iraq

I could always go AWOL and never look back

Instead I’ll do another tour

‘Cuz our Pres. ain’t Albert Gore

And risk my life on death’s door.

There is no glory in being dead

Or stuck in a wheelchair or trundle bed

There is no glory in being maimed

To Bush this war is just a game.

If I die Bush is to blame,

But he won’t care or know my name.

Sent back to Iraq I’ve been there three times

Don’t want to go back, this war is a crime.

Stop-Loss soldier, I’m back in Iraq

I thought I was free, but my future’s ransacked.

Stop-Loss soldier he’s back in Iraq

His coffin has a flag

He’s in a body bag.

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