Poetry: “Dead Man’s Shoes” (from November 2009)

For thirty bucks I bought a pair of dead man’s shoes

It gave its former owner the walking blues

If the first owner died in ’em I haven’t got a clue

Either was the deceased paid the ultimate final dues

I wear these shoes daily, not just a day or two

The sneakers have a grey stripe and a bright white hue

If he dies in ’em the second owner never knew

But he would no longer wear ’em and left ’em by the loo

When I bought the shoes they looked brand spankin’ new

What good did it do the first owner to sit around within the pews?

I don’t mind wearin’ ; I don’t at all rue

Death cursed shoes may or may not be true

Would you wear ’em if this were your point of view?

If shoes caused death would they be for you,

Or would you ignore ’em like a budget-busting zoo?

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