Writing Exercise: “I thought I had been asking politely, but…”

I thought I had been asking politely, but obviously you don’t care. Courtesy is a two-way street, and your going the wrong way on a one-way street. Next time I won’t be so polite.You might have to hide from me. You borrowed that money three years ago and now it’s time to pay. I know you have it. You work full-time. You don’t have many expenses. You live with your parents and you pay little, if any rent or room and board.You just sprang to pay for your girlfriend’s fiftieth birthday party, for Chrissake. I will accept no excuses. The money you borrowed was not a gift. Nobody likes a deadbeat. I could see if you were broke or unemployed, but you have plenty of money. I would even accept a payment plan: so much a month until we are square. Nobody should get away with borrowing money and then pretending they can rightfully never pay it. That’s what lowlife’s do, and I’m sure you don’t consider yourself a lowlife. If I owed you this much money I bet you’d be upset about it too. You’re lucky I can’t go to your boss and garnish your wages. I sent you a mock collection letter to get your attention, but obviously it didn’t work. Be lucky if I don’t see you before Judge Judy. Feel lucky I didn’t have you sign an IOU. Next time I won’t make that mistake, if there ever is a next time.

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