Poetry: “Butterflies and Moths” or “Double Standards” (from November 2008)

I could never harm a butterfly

But I could kill a moth

Butterflies are graceful. Moths eat your cloth.

Butterflies are nice and bright.

Moths burn up when drawn to light.

On your sweaters moths do bite.

In your home do not invite.

If moths were human I’d indict.

Through open windows they’ll take flight,

But they’ll sneak in when it is light.

I could kick a pigeon, but I’d never harm a dove.

Pigeons are squalid; Doves signify love.

Pigeons are filthy so handle with gloves.

Some say doves are from Up Above.

Pigeons live life like a slob, but taste real good when served as squab.

I would never harm a bee, but I could kill a wasp.

Bees pollinate flowers; Wasps can sting you non-stop.

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