Crossword Story: “The Island, The Volcano & The Missionaries” Part 3 of 10

A lot of villagers sought answers from Ope’ about why the volcano devastated their village and if the presence of these missionary outsiders might have had anything to do with it. Older villagers vaguely recalled a prophecy that their village would oneday be destroyed by a fiery cataclysm, heralding the presence of unwanted infiltrators. Perhaps now this prophecy had come to pass.

A lone zebra raced by the village immediately before the eruption. Zebras have a lot of symbolism to the villagers, although these striped horses usually graze many many miles away.

Mahatma was once the equivalent of a sergeant in the village militia. In the village sty swine acted really anxious just before the eruption. Many of these animals died as the volcano erupted or soon after ward. Olla, a young woman villager had a splint on her arm after a tremor occurred underfoot following the eruption of her gods ‘vomiting fire’. Salah, the family maid had to do almost everything for her while Olla recovered from her injury. The maid wasn’t very happy about it, but she remained stoic. She wanted to keep her job.

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