Crossword Story: “The Island, The Volcano & The Missionaries” Part 4 of 10

An SST flew over the village & many villagers cowered in fear. The villagers rarely saw many modern modes of transportation, including automobiles. Interestingly, the Apollo moonshot flew over the island many years before; and the villagers lives were affected by this omen. All the villagers knew their culture would oneday likely change, but they didn’t know whether for the better or the worse.

Mahatma’s wife, Ada was very frightened by both the volcanic activity and the ‘modern’ ideas of the missionaries nearby. The zest of a lemon peel slightly calmed her down. Many villagers felt a foreboding feeling of dread even before the volcano erupted. ‘Ensigns’ in the village navy paddled their war canoes in practically boiling water which used to be pleasantly warm.

One single benefit of the eruption was that the local creek was temporarily transformed into a natural spa, although most of the fish perished.

Dallas, a missionary from America was worried that the ‘superstitious & godless’ villagers might resort to violence against them. ‘Zeroes’, as some of the missionaries referred to the villagers (as in Zero God, Zero Religion) actually had a rich culture and religious traditions, just not Judeo-Christian ones; before the Anglo-missionaries came and ruined things for them with their do-good arrogance and so-called ‘superior’ ideas. (to be cont’d)

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