Crossword Story: “The Island, The Volcano & The Missionaries” Part 5 of 10

Aba, a daughter of Mahatma indefinitely delayed her impending wedding after the eruption. The missionaries renamed Mahatma Mel because it was easier for them to pronounce and seemed more cordial. Unlike the villagers, the missionaries considered Mahatma a klutz, and they had little or no respect for him, his ideas and beliefs (or those of other villagers, for that matter). Erin, an Anglo missionary from Ireland had a secret affair with one male villager. Ethan, an American missionary, tried to smooth things over hard feelings about Erin’s supposedly secret liaisons. She was censured by her mentor priests.

There were no grapes on the island, but fruit dried by the lava tasted much like raisins to the missionaries. Some of the younger missionaries brought an old-fashioned victrola and some vinyl oldie records. The young villagers seemed to enjoy this odd music, but the elder villagers considered it a cacophanous menace.

The villagers principal deity was Crah. He was very unlike the Judeo-Christian God, but just as ‘real’ to most villagers. He actually answered prayers most of the time, or so it seemd. “What did we do to offend Crah?”, many villagers wondered after the malevolent volcano erupted. Crah very rarely punished his faithful followers… (to be cont’d)

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