Crossword Story: “The Island, The Volcano &The Missionaries” Part 7 of 10

Village archers and warriors with menacing spears worried the missionaries, even though the ‘soulsavers’ carried and emergency pistol. In addition to supposedly saving souls, many of the missionaries belonged to Argre Inc., an American corporation notorious for exploiting people in the Third World. Those few missionaries who cared enough to find out the customs of the Sou village hoped they wouldn’t pray to the war and vengeance deity.

Missionaries couldn’t pronounce his name, but they referred to the assistant village chief as Russell. he was soft-spoken and mild-mannered most of the time, but he had a menacing stare. However, Russ could be petty toward some people and sometimes publicly whipped subordinates who annoyed him. If someone was a real threat or an incorrigible transgressor or criminal, they might be ‘erased’ or permanently exiled from the village. Very rarely was a villager executed for breaking tribal law. However, fraternizing (dating) with a missionary could get both parties eviscerated. (to be con’td)

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