Crossword Story: “The Island, The Volcano & The Missionaries” Part 9 of 10

The missionary compound bisected the Sou village. Mahatma’s beautiful eldest daughter Nor was often sexually harassed by young male missionaries, but she neither complained nor gave-in. if either her father or the assistant chief found out there’d be hell to pay. Instead of complaining about the harassment, she prayed to the goddess Lape’. Nor even kept the secret from her best friend and sister Epa because she was so embarrassed. They usually told each other everything.

Ted liked to sing to the villagers. He was a good tenor, but the villagers preferred the clicking and grunting chants, unique to Sou culture. Some of the missionaries called Nor Olivia believing the sound of the word might entice her to go with them. Fortunately for all involved, she never was tempted to give-in or vulnerable enough to be taken advantage of. (to be cont’d)

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