Crossword Story: “The Island, The Volcano & The Missionary” Part 10 of 10

Some of the female missionaries, like Erin, were Registered Nurses. It was a real struggle to get the villagers to embrace Western Medicine. After all, the Sou people had their own herbal concoctions, salves, poultices, and a wide variety of natural remedies, combined with a form of meditation. The tribe especially feared needles and make-shift dentistry, and would often cry out when pricked or prodded by Anglo physicians and nurses. Sometimes, even pills were prescribed for real or imagined physical and mental conditions (like refusing to convert to Christianity).

Like most young people, Erin had the urge to ‘sow her wild oats’. She often wore a missionary outfit, but would shed when alone with her paramour…

Epilog: After many years, the missionaries succeeded in converting most of the young villagers to Christianity. This was a mixed message for the village(rs). The tribe survived, but much of their culture, language, traditions and irreplaceable knowledge passed down from elders eventually died. These young villagers became part of the modern world and so became susceptible to alcoholism, drug abuse, obesity and other unfortunate facts of contemporary life. Some even intermarried with the missionaries.

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