Experimental Fiction: “Creatures of the Night” : A Vampire Vignette (from November 2008) Part 2 of 2

We’ll establish a ruthless, diabolical dictatorship lorded over by the Living Dead, with the Prince of Darkness as our Lord and savior.

Before the dawn we’ll retire to our respective coffins, hidden from meddlesome mortals. We’ll close our nefarious, bloodshot eyes, but we’ll be completely alert and aware of any foolish mortal who would dare to attempt to harm or kill us Creatures of the Night… They can’t even bother us with useless, worthless and ineffective crucifixes or holy water, try as they might.

If they desire to plunge a wooden stake through our black hearts, let them try! Van Helsing or a certain perky adolescent vampire slayer had better watch their steps around us… Most of the time we only harvest the old, the weak and the sick, or the ne’er-do-wells, mobsters, drug addicts, rapists, murderers, terrorists, miscreants and reprobates.

By the way, our chests and torsos are almost as strong as tempered steel and as hard as an oak tree. For all I care, they can try to plunge a t-bone steak into our chest.’

Our children: the bats, mosquitoes, scorpions, leeches, gnats, fleas, ticks and monsters of this world will stalk and lethally attack any and all who dare challenge us… (tbc?)

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