Essay/Commentary: “Will The Real Ecoterrorists Please Stand Up” (Part 2 of 6)

If an article refers to someone as an environmentalist or an outdoorsman for the most part that elicits a positive response. On the other hand, the use of the term ‘Ecoterrrorist’ to label or stereotype people who are committed to preserving and conserving nature and the environment in the face of Big Business and government(s) (which are all-too-often hostile or resistant to taking responsibility for the long-term consequences of exploiting nature and the environment for the sake of mostly short-term prosperity or political expediency) tends to elicit the image of criminals, misanthropes, or deranged or irrational individuals whose priorities are detrimental to the freedom and autonomy of the average working person. Although looking in the short-term it may seem like a valid concern that so-called ‘radical environmentalists’ might foul up the U.S. (or other nation’s) economy if they had their way, in the long-run the exact opposite is true

Environmentalists (or outdoorsmen) are realistically concerned with acting now to deal with a problem(s) that most influential people (leaders etc.) are willing to postpone dealing with unless or until it affects them (usually monetarily) directly; or, by the time the current so-called leaders are long-gone, the problem(s) becomes too expensive or insurmountable to deal with effectively. (i.e. U.S. Energy Policy, Fuel Efficiency Standards, Fossil Fuels, Global Warming/Climate Change). (to be cont’d)

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