Essay/Commentary: “Will The Real Ecoterrorists Please Stand Up?” Part 4 of 6

The World Bank encourages irresponsible exploitation of rain forests around the world and natural resources. For instance, they funded the highway (which never should have been built) through the Amazon rain forest in Brazil, and by allowing multi-national corporations to over-exploit and over-expend pristine habitats around the world.

Industry spews millions of tons of pollutants wafting in the air, not including the tons of what is dumped into lakes, rivers and the ocean, and what is buried underground.

All levels of government, both here and abroad, are especially true Ecoterrorists. for example, government(s) tend to allow too much devastation and development of important habitats and breeding grounds for the sake of short-term prosperity, or the so-called bottom line. Our government and others also tend to carelessly dispose of nuclear and chemical toxic waste. They also tend to continue to condone and perpetuate the dangerous pursuit of more powerful and effective nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, which could conceivably devastate or destroy the entire planet. (to be cont’d)

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