Essay/Commentary: “Will The Real Ecoterrorists Please Stand Up?” Part 5 of 6

Government(s) also fail to adequately regulate agricultural and gardening chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. Politicians tend to stall or urge “further study” as an excuse to avoid working or spending money to clean up or attempt to eliminate environmental problems. Pols willingly often leave it up to future administrations, Congresses, and future generations to deal with such issues until they become harder and harder, or even insurmountable to deal with. For instance, according to the September 2008 edition of “The Hightower Lowdown’ newsletter, the late former Presidential candidate John McCain opposed several bills enabling “renewable energy entrepreneurs” to attain billions in “tax credits”, which might have led to advances in alternative energy technology to help wean us off or at least reduce our dependence on foreign oil and other polluting fuels. Perhaps such tax breaks could one-day eliminate (as I like to call it) ‘Infernal Combustion Engines.’

Also, surprise, surprise, the Dubya Bush administration denied new companies the ability to build “Solar projects” on land he wanted his Big Oil pals to be able to drill more polluting oil on. Such sun-powered ventures could have saved us a lot of fuel and avoided a lot of pollution. (to be cont’d)

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