Poetry: “Abandon All Hype” (from March 2009)

Abandon all hype ye who enter here

No more Paris Hilton, No more Britney Spears

No more phony celebs crying in their beers

No more rumors. No more lies. No more Lindsay (Lohan’s) alibis

No more phony people’s crocodile tears

No former child stars crying in their beers

Give us real news, not pseudo-celeb snooze

No more fake adoptions to make us feel good

Give us Health Care, the Economy and Iraq,

Not celeb murderers perhaps hooked on crack

Celeb news is a “weapon of mass distraction”,

So toward legit issues citizens will take no needed action

“In Fraud We Trust” when we listen to certain kinds of news,

Though those who watch or listen don’t really have a clue

Tabloid ‘truth’ oft isn’t true and there isn’t much about it you can do (but)

Don’t buy the trash that numbs the mind and passes for newsstand information.

Don’t tune in to Rush Limbaugh or other propaganda-spewers,

For they tend to twist the truth and flush it down the sewer

NPR is what I trust to give a balanced view.

At least they tell it like it is and do not twist the truth.

Truth it is subjective, if you watch Fox News,

If you believe that tripe at election-time we [all] lose.

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